Welcome to cribbagepeg.com!

These solid Brass crib pegs are designed and made by me, in my home workshop.  Made to fit "standard" crib boards, pegs are also available in custom sizes, including the large "coffee table" size with 1/4 inch holes.

Pegs are cut on my lathe, from hex-shaped stock, then trimmed, polished and engraved with the initials YOU want.
Each set of 4 pegs includes 2 shiny, yellow ones and 2 blackened pegs having a durable finish that will last for years of regular play.

Some comments from ebay buyers of my pegs (see feedback for "aqmul8r"):

  "Loved the pegs. Ordered more "
  "Cool-Unique Item- Thanks"
  "Beautiful product, AAA craftsmanship, thank you very much for the pegs.........."
  "Beautifully made custom pegs. Thanks for a great deal! "
  "Very nice work! Will make a very special gift for my Dad! "
  "Pegs for cribbage board are very impressive"
  "Nice pegs!! Well crafted and careful engraving"

To Purchase Pegs:
Standard-size pegs are priced at $US13.00 (or $CDN15.00) Including postage to Canadian and USA addresses.  You may pay quickly and easily using PayPal, by clicking the link below.   Large size pegs (for 1/4 inch holes) are $US18.00 ($CDN20.00).  Please ask about custom sizes, including those for smaller, antique boards - prices may vary.

Please specify the initials wanted in each peg!  Please email questions to me:      mark@marksclockworks.com


(please use mark@marksclockworks.com)

I also accept "name brand" money orders (** USPS Pink, not Green, please!) sent to:

Mark's Clockworks
291 Price Road
Salt Spring Island, BC
V8K 2E9

Thank you for looking, and please bookmark my site - there are exciting new peg designs coming! / Mark